How to teach a child to sing a song?

All parents want the best for our children. To really do right by children, parents should teach children to be happy, confident, and feel secure. Forcing concepts on children before they are ready or without cultivating their interest is unproductive. Having fun is the solution. Effectively teach a small child by demonstrating and playing games more than explaining. Since everything in the world is new to children, so, you need to start with the most fundamental concepts first.


If your child have a potentially good voice, or loves to sing, then there are some steps to help to raise your child to be good singer.

  1. Start with simple songs: if you want that your child start singing songs then start with simple and easy songs. You can apply the same idea to music by singing songs that are only two or three pitches. Simple songs are short and have easy to remember lyrics. In addition to being simple, two tunes use small children’s favorite interval, the minor third.
  2. Sing with them:The best way to Learn Singing Music to your children is that sing with them. Singing without assistant is far better for a child’s development than playing her a CD of kids’ music. When you sing in front of your children thenthey sees the way your mouth moves, the way you breathe, and they observes your love of singing. This will allow your child to bond with you personally and associate certain songs for you. The benefits of singing with your child are significant regardless of whether you sing well. You may not be the best role model for pitch, but you show your child that how to produce a tone.
  3. Surround your child with music:parents should use the radio, TV, and maybe some good CDs which children might enjoy. A good idea is to put some classical music on their bedside when your children go to sleep. Not much loud as they cannot sleep, but at a level in which they can still listen the music.
  4. Make a role model for your children:parents need to create the friendly environment in the house and sing around your children. As doing chores, cooking meals, in the car to the radio etc. Sing songs your child knows and encourage them to join with you. It will help them to take interest in singing song.
  5. Exposing your child publically:when your children show better performance, encourage them and start exposing them to the publically. But remember one think, before you do this watch talent shows on TV with your children and know if your child show interest in that area. Give them performance opportunities to experience with their voices.
  6. Get a proper music tutor:if you really wants that your child get a serious and long term singing career then you should hire a tutor for your child.

The above mentioned tips help you to make your child more participating to singing a song.